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Woven No Climb Fence

Woven No Climb Fence
woven no climb
Woven No Climb Fence
Starting at $124.95
4' x 100' $124.95
5' x 100' $174.95
6' x 100' $199.95

Product Details

Length: 100′
Material: Class 1 hot dipped galvanized steel
Hole: 2″ x 4″ woven hinge joint
Strength (gauge): Top 12.5, middle 14.5, bottom 12.5
Pattern: Only the 6′, top two rows are 2″ x 6″

Most popular for goats, sheep and chickens. Popular secondary uses are horses, cattle, pigs, cross fencing, alpacas, and keeping away predators.

Woven no climb is stronger than traditional welded fencing. The small holes help prevent animals from getting caught in the wire, especially in smaller fenced areas where the animals tend to come into frequent contact with the fence. The woven hinge joint increases strength and durability.

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